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Dog Life Mod APK Latest V.1.6.2 (Top Dog Unlocked)

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The game dog life mod apk is one of the unique games where gamers can play as a character of different dogs and experience other dogs’ activities. As it’s about living the dog’s life, that’s why gamers can perform everything that could have been happening in natural dogs.

APP NameDog Life Mod APL
CategoryRole Playing
Current Version1.6.2
Updated On2 Days Ago
Size104 MB
Offered byCandywriter, LLC
Requirements5.0 and up

However, gameplay will provide almost all dogs’ activities, which will make you feel a reality. Moreover, the features make it more interesting. So, dog life download to experience the dog’s life.

About Dog Life Mod Apk

It’s not a simulation game but a role-playing game where being a dog gamer will have to attract the owners by performing all the acts that any loveable dog does. The way you play the game will decide the fate of the dog’s life.

Dog Life Mod APK

However, the game will start with the birth of a dog with any random name or breed and with a lucky loveable family. Being a dog, you’ll have many other lets in the house. Players will have many more to perform, but at the same time, every action you make will have consequences. You can have fun with the family that owns you. You may also like BitLife Mod APK.

Dog Life Apk Features

Make Choices

Dog Life Mod APK

You know that dogs could have been the best friend of humans. But in dog life apk mod, it’s up to you what choices you make to attract your owner towards you and make them feel that you can be their best friend. That’s why bitlife hack provides a feature where the players can make their own choices.

Rewards and Achievement

Dog Life Mod APK

In dog life hacked apk, players will get many rewards and achievements. But it depends on how you act like a dog. Because only good performance will get you excited about achievements, such as Fertile Fur ball, Quarter Centenarian, Complete a life, Mature Mammal, Birthday Company, new tricks, and many more.

Enjoy Dog’s Life

Dog Life Mod APK

Players will be able to perform everything in bitlife dog game that any dog does in reality. They can enjoy all the activities related to dogs. That’s how they can enjoy their dog’s life in dog life bitlife.

Many Breeds Of Dogs

Dog Life Mod APK

Players will have a variety of dog bread, such as German Shepard, Golden retriever, Bulldog, Husky, Australian Shepard, French bulldogs, Great Danes, Boxers, Rottweilers, Poodles, Corgis, Beagles, etc. Additionally, right after starting the game, you’ll have the option to choose any breed of dog.

Happily Die

Dog Life Mod APK

Death is also a part of the gameplay of dog life apk mod. After completing his life, the dog will happily die, and everything will mention on his grave. Like the residence, breed, lovers, name, the reason for death, and every detail.

Face Consequence

Face consequence

Players will have a command to perform anything but keep one thing in mind ever the dog does; it must have to face the consequences. Either good or bad. So, choose to do anything carefully. 



Every dog has a different lifestyle. So whatever you choose, you’ll have to live life. Also, the owner will give you a task to perform. Your jobs will be available in the mailbox. You’ll get charges such as picking up the ball, closing doors and keeping the house protected. Additionally, if you perform all the tasks carefully, it’ll help you improve your personality.

Fight With The Cat

Dog Life Mod APK

Dogs always have clashed with cats. So the player will have the cat in neighbor and likes to fight with the cat. Moreover, the fighting will not be harmful but fun.

Dog Life Mod APK Features

Every Dog Unlocked

Dog Life Mod APK

You know that dog life bitlife mod apk has many dogs. Fortunately, gamers don’t have to do anything to unlock them. All the dogs it offers are open, including dog life mod apk top dog, and players will get access to all the dogs from the beginning of the game.

Ads Free:

The dog life mod game is good in all aspects, not just because of the unique gameplay but because of the not specific requirement of watching ads. The gameplay will not show a single ad while playing. Players will have ad-free fun.

Free Of Charge:

Dog Life Mod APK

This game is available to everyone for free. Whether you have an android device or an iOS device, it is compatible for both and free of cost for both devices.

Dog Life Mod APK Gameplay:

The game will start with a dog’s birth with any random breed and name. It’s the player’s choice if they want to be the apt of any owner or create a street dog who can choose any life. Who can perform any activity on the streets in pets’ houses or anything? Moreover, players will have a command to go for any breed or owner. You might wanna check this one too Dynamons World Mod APK.

Dog Life Mod APK

Dog Life Mod APK Download Guide:

You’ll have a download button to download the dog life game.

Click on the button to download the game.

Allow all the permission it asks to download the game without any fuss.

Install the game’s Apk file after the download completes.

Enjoy the life of the dog of any of your favorite breeds.

What’s new?

The developers have added many new features, breeds, and new dogs to attract the gaming community. Apart from it, the game’s graphics quality is also improved and better than the previous one. Additionally, this version is safe and secure for all devices and won’t cause any harm anyway.

Frequently Asked Questions –FAQs:

Is it necessary to live in an owner’s house?

No. It does not. Dogs can live life around the streets just like real dogs.

What is the current version we should download?

The current version of the dog life game is 1.6.2

Which device get required for this game?

All the android and iOS devices are compatible with the game.

How much space do we need on our devices to download this game?

The size of this game app is 104M which takes around 5.0 space in intelligent devices.

Download dog life mod apk and enjoy a dog’s life without paying anything, along with a variety of unique features and dogs.

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