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Bitlife Mod Apk Download [Unlocked Bitizenship/God mode]

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What is your current level of happiness? In today’s world, there are seven billion unique people. With unique lives and distinctive jobs, every one of us enjoys different things. Consequently, you can interact with a variety of people today. By starting as someone random, you can create your own life in the BitLife Mod Apk game. 

This best Simulation game simulates life by letting the player make choices. The difference between choices makes every day unique. Whether you succeed or fail, everyone has been there. Take time to reflect on your daily choices. The basic concept behind BitLife is rather simple. When you finish the game screen, you can adjust your behaviors. Simulations of life in-game allow players to see the future more clearly. Most people don’t realize there are different choices in each situation. Discover some of the options in this article.

The decisions you make throughout your life, from birth to death, are up to you in this fun game from Candywriter. Your parents will be with you as well as with school and your family. Taking the family to the doctor can be a pleasant experience. Your health, intelligence, looks, happiness, etc., all play a role in how you represent your character. Your overall stat in the game varies as you age, depending on the choices you make.


Bitlife Mod Apk Info

App NameBitlife
APK Size110.34 MB
AndroidAndroid 5.0 and Up
DeveloperCandywriter, LLC
Last Update5 Days Ago


Gamers love BitLife-Life Simulator, found on the Google Play Store and AppStore for free. Over 10M BitLife downloads have been made on Google Play, a game rated 17+. Youths are very fond of this application. Creating your own life is possible in BitLife. Either a bad lifestyle or a healthy one can be your way of living. You make a choice. For example, you may want to become a thief or a president. You can start over and make your own path.

Download Bitlife Mod Apk [Unlocked Bitizenship-God mode]

There are many stories in life. It is impossible to predict how this story will end; miracles may occur, or expectations may not be met. Visual novel games can be compared to BitLife’s gameplay. You have to pick a line for each of the main characters’ timelines instead of a line for each character. Events are listed for each year. You can choose whether to sit still obediently or bite your mother’s hand to protest even the first time you go to a vaccination appointment with your mother. See what will happen in the protagonist’s life as the age increases.

A character from the game can be chosen to join Bitlife Mod Apk. Each character possesses four different indicators as well as Intelligence, Health, Happiness, and Appearance. The most significant indicator is health. To be able to study, entertain ourselves, and play sports, we must have good health. A lot of money can be spent on cosmetic surgery, so appearances are not as important as the rest.


God Mode Unlocked: The name, character, and appearance of players can be edited, though it is not part of Bitizenship. It also offers a statistical model in which users can edit statistics. Changing these things in Bitlife God Mode is unlimited. Depending on their country of origin, their age, and their appearance, people can modify their looks between the ages of 20 and 45.

Hilarious Choices!

Time Machine: Could a time machine change the past? We all wish we had the courage to ask our girls to prom when we were in high school. It isn’t possible to do this. Instead, we must accept and accept that we are done with that relationship. It is not impossible in Bitlife Mod Apk. It is possible to change some of your decisions by going back in time one or more years.

Best Controls: An intuitive interface in BitLife provides players with a wealth of information about themselves, including their name, age, and birth date. There are also quite a few funny and intriguing events in some stages. To live a fulfilling life, one must choose the right path for themselves. While the answers to the multiple-choice questions in the game may seem simple and straightforward, there are circumstances in the game that can be quite challenging and require clever problem-solving tactics. The player must be a good writer in order to write a good script. Therefore, find a lot of information from a variety of stories to have a happy life in Bitlife Mod Apk.

Strike Up Conversation: Don’t be a miserable bastard and talk with people around you instead. You will have to decide how to respond when people disagree with you frequently. Argue, concede, or agree to disagree. Be wise. My brother hit me with a sword after we got into an argument, causing us to start the game over.

Get Some Hobbies: Gaining good hobbies is the next step you need to take. Starting at the gym is a good example. Your appearance will improve if you exercise regularly, making you more desirable to others. Additionally, you should maintain consistency with your hobbies as you age. In turn, this will make you more successful.

Mod Features

  • God Mode
  • Unlocked Bitizenship
  • Ads Free
  • Premium Unlocked
  • Unlimited Money

How to Download and Install Bitlife Mod Apk

Suppose you want to download this game. Then just follow the below step carefully. These steps save you from getting any problems while downloading. 

  1. Click on the Download Button given in the article, which will open a new Download page for you.
  2. On this page, you get the Direct Button. Your job is to just click on it, and that’s it. Your game starts downloading on your Phone. 
  3. When the game downloads, open the File Manager application on your Phone. Go to the Downloads Folder.
  4. Now just open the apk file and tap on the install button to install it on your Android device. 


Question 1: Is there any PC version of Bitlife Game?

Answer: Actually, there is no official release of this game for the Windows Based platform. For this reason, if you want to play it on your PC, then you need to use Bluestack or MemuPlay Emulator. These emulators help you to use any of your favorite android apps on your PC easily. 

Question 2: Can you live Forever in the Bitlife Game?

Answer: All the bars are typically filled up near the top of a long BitLife. Even if one is relatively low, your health will not last long if that’s the case. Enjoy the company of those you love, as this will improve your wellbeing.

Final Verdict

BitLife covers almost everything that happens in life. Throughout life, education, career, family, and marriage participate in situations and decisions. A balanced life requires a good education, career, family, and marriage. Spend time with the people you love while doing what you love. The BitLife mod Apk will change your life in all the little ways. Moreover, if you face any issues downloading this game, let us know via the comment section. We love to help you as soon as possible. Thanks!

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