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This game named Indian Train Simulator used India. Meanwhile, other simulated games take place somewhere in western countries. It just tries to teach players how to control the train through gameplay. Also, it teaches that how to manage train stations. Lots of other things you will learn too while playing this game. You will enjoy traveling around the country. You will have to operate long miles long vehicles. Being a train driver, you will have to play safe.

APP NameIndian Train Simulator Mod APK
Current Version2022.1.1
Operating SystemAndroid
Size189 MB
Offered ByHighbrow Interactive
Requirements6.0 and up
Rating4.0 (508,004)


Indian Train Simulator Mod APK Overview:

This app is not only just about dropping passengers at their destinations. It will also provide a service of cargo. You can choose a task. Whatever tasks you find appropriate, you can go for it. Additionally, being a player, you will be the main subject of Indian Train Simulator Mod Apk download on your device. You have been playing lots of simulating games already, but you will like this game most of all. Experiencing driving a heavy train and gaining knowledge regarding cargo. Those fond of traveling by train can enjoy this game the most. You might wanna check this one too Bus Simulator Ultimate Mod APK.

Indian Train Simulator Mod APK

What’s new?

They have added new stations and new places on maps to have a chance to travel to new places. Also, all problems creating issues in previous versions have got sorted out. This new mod version is available to all the other versions. Indian Train Simulator 2022 Mod Apk Download now.

Indian Train Simulator Mod APK App requirements:

To keep this game on your device. You will have some requirements to complete. This simulation game takes around 3.5 to 4 as the size of this game file is 133M. Compared to other games apps, this game app doesn’t take a larger space on your devices.

Indian Train Simulator Mod APK Mod Features:

Unlimited gold and unlimited diamonds:

Like every other game, you will have to need gold and diamonds. Indian Train Simulator Unlimited diamonds and coins you will have right after you enter this game. You can buy anything available in this game. That’s what is diamond and gold for. Additionally, don’t worry about the quantity, as these are unlimited. So get unlimited and spend ultimately.


The Indian Train Simulator Hack APK is a piece of art. The stunning 3D graphics makes this game more splendid and attractive. Players enjoy the most addictive environment in this game because of 3D graphics. It seems the most realistic simulated match. The pictures can easily catch the development of any device you have. Also, the photos will make the natural look in India. You will start assuming that you’re actually in India.

Free shopping:

You can do stuff in Indian Train Simulator Apk Mod that you’re not even allowed to do in real life. Yes, you can shop unlimited times and unlimited capacity. It will give you complete access to shopping. You can pick anything from the shop that you like. For a while, consider yourself a millionaire and shop like a millionaire.

Audio sound:

Audio sound in Indian.Train Simulator 2022 Mod Apk is also as splendid as the graphics. The way we hear sound in real life on every train station. It will be close enough to reality. That’s another attractive feature of it.

Free of cost:

The features you have read. The other features you will read below, each and everything in Train Simulator Mod Apk they are offering and providing is utterly free. Even you can keep this app is your device for free.

Indian Train Simulator Mod APK Other Features :

Managing train station:

As you know, you can play a driver’s character in this game. So it would help if you managed your train station. You can unlock more stations.

Also, each station has around 32 different maps. You can build 32 stations more. You will be able to upgrade each station; when upgrading, you will have to change the environment, station’s appearance, scenery. That’s how you can attract more customers to travel on your train. Additionally, you can exchange duties with other train drives at every station. In that time you can enjoy other activities.

Varieties of liveries and locomotives:

You will have around 18 different locomotives for your station. Fortunately, each locomotive has different and unique characteristics.

Also, you can change them too, such as their shape, appearance. Also, you can put a layer of liveries on it.

Take tasks and contracts:

You will receive lots of tasks and contracts. You will get them at the exact moment you start to play. You will accept agreements and start playing it being a driver. You will get contracts in hundreds of quantities. No warranty will repeat. Each time you will get new contracts and tasks.

Discover different places in India:

Being a driver, you will have to go from one place to another. There are 32 locations connected with rails. You can explore famous places in India as a driver of a train.

Indian Train Simulator Mod APK App version history:

Go for the current version if you want to enjoy all the new maps and stations. The current version of this game is 2021.4.19. 

Indian Train Simulator Mod APK Gameplay:

The gameplay of the Indian Train Simulator Mod Apk is close enough to the actual train stations of India. You will enter this game and start getting contracts. You will complete these given tasks by playing well. You can skip contracts at any station to enjoy other activities of this game. This game is not only about dropping travelers to their destinations. Also, you have to run cargo through stations.

Indian Train Simulator Mod APK

Frequently asked questions:

  • How many stations do we have in the Indian train simulator 2022 mod apk version?

You will have 32 stations all get unlocked. 33 more you can build.

  • What is the current version of?

2021.4.19 is the current version of this game.

  • What else can we do except drive trains?

You can run cargo work to maintain all. Your station can attract people to travel through your station

  • What about the graphics of the Indian railway simulator?

The graphics are perfect. It will surely attract you.


People who are keen on traveling by train. They can also enjoy it through Indian Train Simulator Mod Apk. That’s how they can satisfy their inner traveler. This time you won’t go as a traveler but as a driver. Enjoy this beautiful and splendid game on your android devices. Delete the Indian Train Simulator 2020 Download the new one.

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