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Hunter Assassin Mod Apk 2022 v1.56.1 (Unlimited Gems / Skins Unlocked)

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The original hunter assassin was released in back September 2019. Meanwhile, hunter assassin mod apk is the hacked mode version of this arcade action game. Also, the original version was made by Ruby Oyun ve Yazilim Danismanlik and published by Ruby Game Studio. However, App Annie’s original version is the second most downloaded worldwide.

Creator’s made it for Android and iOS devices. Ruby Oyun ve Yazilim Danismanlik makes it. If you’re looking for something different for fun and already tired of playing the same game plot, then assassin mod apk is the gold option for you.

About Hunter Assassin Mod Apk:

The hunter assassin apk is one of the advanced versions of this arcade action game. This beautiful story starts with a serial killer. Additionally, you’ve not played any game like assassin creed. The gameplay is entirely different from other gangster and action games. Yet it’s full of suspense.

Players will have a lot of features to make this game super adventurous and suspenseful. The publisher of the hacked version claims that you will enjoy playing hunter assassin gameplay. Also, players can get to play the character of a serial killer, so hunter assassin mod apk download and enjoy the game. You  might wanna check this one too Stumble Guys Mod APK.

Hunter Assassin Mod APK

Hunter Assassin Mod Apk Info:

APP NameHunter Assassin Mod APK
Current Version1.55.1
Operating SystemAndroid
Size51 MB
Offered ByRuby Game Studio
Requirements4.4 and up
Rating4.2 (2,425,219)

What’s new?

Although players can enjoy and avail themselves of many features and premium features in the original version, players want more and more. So, hunter assassin game download. And get more need features made of advanced technology. Also, players experienced some errors and viruses while playing the original version.

But in hunter assassin game, you won’t find a single bug or error while playing, nor will it cause any harm to your device.

Hunter Assassin Mod Apk Features:

Unlimited diamonds:

You won’t get unlimited anything in the original version but hunter assassin game download and get unlimited diamonds for yourself to buy anything from the game’s shop. Also, the game will provide players with diamonds with no such specific quantity so that it’ll never end.

So if you want to keep unlimited diamonds, kindly hunter games download and enjoy endless shopping.

Unlocked all characters:

The game will have so many characters, which are premium. Moreover, all the premium characters are locked in the original version, and players will have to pay to unlock these exceptional characters. But you can avail all these premium, and other characters opened without paying anything hunter assassin game download for pc and get to enjoy all the premium feelings. 

Free to play:

There’s no need to go for another paid version to enjoy being a serial killer when you already have hunter assistant. No one wants to enjoy serial killers in return for a handsome amount of money. So, assassin hunter hacked version is here to provide all the gaming community free services to act like a serial killer and enjoy the epi gameplay with the incredible storyline.

Game plot:

The game will start from a construction site. The gang will operate from there. Also, the place will fill with barrels and wooden walls. Your enemies will be armed with heavy guns, and they’ll always be ready to hunt you down. 

Also, players will have to hunt enemies in silence; otherwise, other enemies will detect you and hunt you down. You’ll have a knife as well. All the enemies are dangerous so are you.

Invisible hunter:

You’re going to be an invisible assassin in the game. You have to learn to be hidden while killing and hunting your enemies. You’ll have to kill with tactics and plot so they can’t detect you. If you’re going to kill your enemy, you make sure that other enemies don’t see you. Otherwise, they all will come together towards you, and maybe you won’t handle so many simultaneously.

Receive diamonds:

The more you’ll go further in the game and the more enemies you’ll kill. After defeating your enemies, you’ll get rewarded in the form of diamonds every time. Also, you can buy essentials from these diamonds. Moreover, skilled could buy too. The appearance of your character is attractive and enhanced. 

The speed is quite improved if you compare the rate of your character with the original version’s character. So, hunter assassin download and enjoy being a dangerous serial killer.


The graphics are not high quality. As the gameplay does not require high quality graphics. in this gameplay. Also, you won’t get disturbed by the quality of such representations. Its precise goes with the storyline of the game. Additionally, the pictures are far better than the original version. 

Different missions:

You’ll get to enjoy lots of new missions, and in each task, you’ll have to destroy enemies. Please don’t take it easy, and don’t think that all the levels will be identical because all the stories will have different challenges that go exactly with the groups. Additionally, if you want to play the more complex challenges, then you’ll have to go through all the stories that come before.

Hunter Assassin Mod Apk Gameplay:

The gameplay is super excited and full of suspense where you don’t know enemies can show up anytime in front of you, and you’ll have to hunt them down before they hunt you down. Also, the more enemies you’ll kill, the more you’ll get. Diamonds and diamonds will help you buy more opportunities in the game. 

Hunter Assassin Mod APK

Hunter Assassin Mod Apk Download Guide:

  • Download the game file from the link that is availale below.
  • Apk file is necessary to install. Otherwise, you won’t play the game.
  • Go to setting>security and see if the “unknown sources” is disable, then kindly enable it.
  • After installing the apk file, go to the folder where the game file is stored.


  • Is the recreation legal to play?

Yes, indeed, this recreation is fully legal application. You don’t need to worry about the security issue.

  • How many levels are in this apk mod?

There are three skillful levels.

  • Is the recreation n safe to play?

The developer of the modified file never harms you in any way. So this file is entirely safe to use.

  • What is the requirement to download the apk file?

The compatibility of this apk file for android devices is 4.4.and above.


Enjoy the epic serial killer game hunter assassin mod apk and kill your boredom killed in no time. Also, make sure to download this hacked version to get everything free of cost.

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