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Cooking Fever Mod Apk Latest Version 2022 (Unlimited Money)

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Cooking fever apk mod is the interacting game for those who always dream of becoming the super chef with an entirely new and unique style restaurant of their world. It is beautifully designed to create the various charming restaurant’s themes, delicious recipes, unique services of customers, and much more to enjoy properly. Michelle’s culinary in Michelle is the first choice of one of the most favorite and popular games in the world of cooking to explore it and get super joy.

Cooking Fever Mod Apk Info:

APP NameCooking Fever Mod APK
Current Version14.1.1
Operating SystemAndroid
Size126 MB
Offered ByNordcurrent
Requirements4.4 and up
Rating4.3 (4,779,868)

Story/Gameplay of Cooking Fever Apk

The super fantastic and most joyful gameplay of the cooking fever mod apk is just super easy to play and explore for having fun. Here, in the journey through all you just need to become a cook as dedicated and become a successful empire of culinary. 

Cooking Fever Mod APK

Are you worried about how to cook and you don’t know much about the cooking experience? You don’t need to worry about it. The cooking fever hack 2022 will introduce the journey to start you learning about it. The cooking simulation game gives you an interesting way to experience the latest and all kinds of food items, learn, and yes much of the relaxation while cooking it. 

First, you’ll start cooking as a cook in your restaurant and you will be engaging in different joyful activities as well. Gradually you’ll start exploring the art of cooking, serving, the quality of various ways of designing your food, and trying different delicious recipes. After this, as you get more experienced in it you’ll be having more chances for the opening of the newest restaurants in your own expanding business. 

Cooking Fever Mod APK

Players of the cooking fever mod apk can also design their restaurants more visually attractive to upgrade them and get cooking fever apk unlimited gems. As you’ll be getting more decoration to your restaurant you’ll be having more customers and yes more possibility of having positive reviews.  You might wanna check this one too Hungry Shark Mod APK.

Features of Cooking Fever Mod  APK:

Following are the best features of the cooking fever gems android and for exploring maximum fun! 

Common & Useful ingredients discovering 

The players of the cooking fever mod will be having over 2000 different ingredients to explore. The purpose and use of the ingredients for different unique dishes are super fun and to cook delicious dishes for the customers and then get exciting reviews. 

New dishes collection in  your diary 

One of the most interesting features of the game is the collection of various new delicious dishes with the use of different purposeful ingredients in your recipes. Making the dishes from most of the popular coolers, learn and note it down in your notebook. You can have over 500 new dishes for dinner, lunch, breakfast, drinks, and much more. 

Time management gameplay 

In the gameplay of cooking fever mod apk, you’ll be introducing another interesting feature which is the collecting of time while doing different activities including cooking time, serving time to the customers, order taking time, and much more. This will enhance the quality of your restaurant and as well as making the customers or clients not to take much waiting for the services in your restaurant. 

Cooking Fever Mod Apk Exploring And Unlocking New Restaurants Locations 

The story of the cooking mod apk isn’t finished yet, but here is another interesting feature you are getting addicted to.  As you learn many of the new experiences about owning the restaurant you will be able to open many new restaurants in different places throughout the world wherever you can. 

  • Restaurants at Alpine Mountain 

The mountain of Alpine is the most beautiful place to explore for having the best business experience. Here you can enjoy the attractive mountains view, sunning mountains full of snow and the dreamy place to do bbq, grill stuff and all related dishes you can make and have fun. On the top of the mountain, you can enjoy a buffet with the style of Italian. In some green, you can also have a bar of salad. Coffee and sweet for taste are also available at Michelle’s café. 

  • City Restaurants

With the cooking fever update apk, players can also explore the different areas of the cities and towns. They are having all the unlocked restaurants assessed easily. Here in the cities, they are having multiple options to open restaurants of Chinese style, Italian style for dinner like Indians themes. A pizza bar is like a pizzeria. Continental stuff, a parlor for ice cream, a coffee shop, and a lot of other ideas. You can also have the option of your favorite seafood for the bistro restaurant. 

  • Restaurants at paradise Islands 

So besides the mountain and other cities areas restaurants, you also have the option to travel to your favorite Islands. However, at the islands of paradise, you will experience different fabulous things to cook and have super fun. You can have a cocktail bar, ice cream bar, the culture of America-style corn dog van, food stalls of Asian styles, and a shop of delicious sandwiches. 

How To Get Unlimited Gems on Cooking Fever Mod APK

Cooking fever android has the upgrading journey thoroughly as well. You can upgrade your restaurant style it’s interior design for a classic look and gets unlimited gems as well as cooking fever gems android. The cooking fever gems are also obtained by various unlocking features and enhance the attraction of your visitors & customers to your restaurant. The capability of aesthetics and creativity of the restaurant for renovation and upgrade will make you get cooking fever cheats for gems android. 

Sound & Visuals Quality of Cooking Fever Mod APK

Visuals & Graphics 

The visuals and graphics of the cooking fever mod apk are so fascinating and charming as it creates a real-life effect within the overall gameplay. The 3D and super vivid charm attractive colors in your restaurant make the fun of the game to the next level enjoyable within the cooking fever update apk. 

Sound System 

Besides the beautifully designed graphics, the gameplay of the cooking fever hack 2022, also has the super peacefully designed background soundtrack as well as the beautiful theme music. 

Cooking Fever Mod Apk Free Download 

For download cooking fever in your phone devices, the following are the easiest steps to cooking fever cheats download; 

  1. Open settings in your mobile devices for installing the game 
  2. Go to the options of security, and then for unknown resources. 
  3. Allow the unknown resources. 
  4. Now open the link for the downloading and the download process will be started. 
  5. Go for the file manager in the device, open it and you will see by 🔍 the cooking fever mod apk file here. 
  6. Click to install the file 
  7. Open it and enjoy the super fun. 


Hence the cooking fever mod apk is one the best platform for those who want the mysterious dreamy restaurant in different cities, favorite islands, and yes in the dreamy luckiest mountains too. Here you’ll experience a more joyful journey full of cooking experiences exploring multiple delicious dishes of American, Italian, Japanese, and Chinese style as well. Get free gems cooking fever android and as well as cooking fever apk unlimited gems In your devices. 

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