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Among Us Mod Menu Apk Download [2021 Updated]

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Do you like Among Us so much that you find ways to win every single match? You should download Among Us Mod Menu Apk if you agree. You will be able to win every match with its invisible wall and always imposter feature. When you become a crewmate, you should use security cameras and admin maps to locate the impostors before they kill your comrade.

This is probably why people from all regions and ages enjoy playing Among Us because it is both exciting and mysterious. There’s easy-to-understand gameplay that people enjoy, which makes it appealing to them. Depending on the game, any number of players can participate, including crew members and impostors.

Today, this best Action game Among Us is very popular. It is a game set on board a spaceship in which ten players will take part. One of them is an imposter. Players are divided into two teams at the start of the game: imposter and crewmate. Imposters can easily be identified by killing other players, acting as if they are unknown, and booting them off their ships. Moreover, sabotage can be utilized to provoke chaos within and allow you to kill without suspicion.


App Info

App NameAmong Us Mod Menu
APK SizeVaries with Device
DeveloperInnersloth LLC
Last Update4 Days Ago


Among Us, Mod Menu Apk is an action game created by Innersloth. Several players will board a ship at the same time at the start of the game. These players intend to kill the other members of their crew. It is your responsibility to prepare your teammates for deep space travel as a member of a crew of a spaceship. The crew of your ship will sabotage you. Moreover, your entire team members will be killed by the imposters.

Download Among Us Mod Menu Apk [2021 Updated]

Characters can be freely selected in Among Us. It’s okay to play both sides, as long as you complete your mission, whichever side you choose. Scammers rarely leave loopholes, so be careful. The astronauts tend to uncover some clues only after unfortunate events like murders. Not all members of the crew were good. Sabotaging obstacles is a way to avoid discovery, and they were kicked off the ship if they were. The real astronauts get caught in their trap. Those astronauts aren’t enough, so don’t let it happen. Their actions will be strong against those people when they come out. Up to ten players can play the game on the screen at once. The desire of each player is different.

There are no complicated graphics, and the players are able to communicate with each other through simple controls. During this unique game, players will be part of an astronaut crew on a mission. He must be found before it is too late: someone casts a terrible spell on the entire city. Although game content is straightforward, players must use multiple factors and interact with each other in order to reason and extract information. Players will be entertained and have an exciting gameplay experience with many maps and other features to make the game interesting beyond the goals.


Premium Unlocked: Only this feature has made you want to download this App. Users download mod applications solely if they want to gain access to the premium features of the App. If you want to unlock certain features of the game, this App will satisfy your need because there are no in-app purchases required. There are no in-app purchases in Among Us Mod Menu Apk.

Best gameplay which make you happy!

All Skins and Pets Unlocked: Skins are simply your character’s dress or clothes in a game. Characters can either be straightforward or can be personalized based on your preferences. Customize your player by selecting face, skin, and hat colors. However, you cannot choose a certain skin if someone else has chosen it.

Players will be followed around the spaceship by pets, which are small creatures. When a pet’s ‘owner’ passes away, they will exhibit unique animation and reactions. You can choose one of your character’s pets when using Among Us mod since all pets are unlocked.

Some other Features: Playing with a lot of people is an interesting experience. You can add an imposter to the game and add quests to make it more interesting if you have a lot of players with Among Us. Playing with friends, however, continues to be the most enjoyable part of the game. We had a lot of fun.

High-Quality Graphics: With its simple graphics and cartoon characters, Among Us, Apk is very entertaining. The visual elements of the Among Us Mod Menu Apk game are not too important because of the nature of the game. Smooth and even gameplay can be achieved through optimal picture quality. The battery is not depleted, or you feel fatigued as you play for hours.

All Hats Unlocked: Players can customize their characters by wearing several hats. Halloween updates include masks, demon horns, and knife hats. By updating your game, you would have access to Santa Claus hats, antlers hats, and so on. You can customize your character’s hat in Among Us with money, although some hats are free. Download this among us mod for Android for free. 

Mod Features

  • All Hats Unlocked
  • Mod Menu
  • Unlock All Skins
  • NO Ads
  • Unlimited Emergency Meetings
  • All Pets Unlocked

How to Download and Install Among Us Mod Menu Apk

If you want to get this Among Us Mod Apk game, then follow the steps written below. These steps help to download it without getting any error. 

  1. Click on the button given in the article to move to the Direct Download page.
  2. Once it loads completely, you will get the Download Button again.
  3. Just click on it, and your game starts downloading.
  4. Now head over to the File Manager app and open the Download Folders. Look for the mod file and then open it.
  5. If you’re installing the apk file using the File Manager for the first time, it will ask you to give some permission. 
  6. Now just tap on the install button and start playing. 


Question 1: Is Among Us suitable for kids?

Answer: Kids can have fun connecting with their friends in Among Us, a social game that is both entertaining and engaging. There is infrequent cartoonish violence and horror in Among Us, and therefore the Apple Store recommends it for kids ages nine and up.

Question 2: Is Among Us game dead?

Answer: Among Us, players have decreased recently, so there is a possibility that some may feel the game is not available to download. It is simply false to say that Among Us has died.

Final Verdict

The crew is trapped in space because of an obstacle on the spaceship. Among Us began from that story, where people do not want to return, and imposters won’t let them go. You’ll know what to do when you pick the character you’d like to play. So without wasting more time, let’s download Among Us Mod Menu Apk right now for completely free.  

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